About us



Founded in 2011, Fixchips Technology operates as an independent electronic component distributor, serving customers listed in the top 50 distributors on SourceESB, as well as OEMs and CEMs.

Headquartered in Montreal (Canada), with offices in Shenzhen, and Singapore. With over 100 employees amongst our different offices, we can offer 24-Hour support to our customers. We are just a phone call away, any time of day or night.

Fixchips Technology prides itself in offering quality parts backed by a  1-year Warranty.

We can offer this with confidence thanks to our robust QC practices.

Our QC and logistics centers are located in Hong Kong. Our QC department possesses multiple tools at its disposal to ensure you receive quality products on every order.

Our tools range from our own laboratory to authorized Official Testing Labs, such as White Horse Laboratories and Global Electronics Testing Services LLC.

We offer a wide range of testing methods such as visual, electronic, or key functional tests.

Furthermore, we will send parts to our third-party Official Testing Labs before they are delivered to the customer.

We also commit to paying a portion of the testing fees according to the amount of every order.

Fixchips Technology has a large inventory of ICs. We boast highly competitive prices in MFG AD, TI, Altera, Atmel, Freescale, Xilinx, Linear, and many more.

With 3 warehouses, we possess a large inventory available to our customers.

Coupled with our network of qualified suppliers, this allows us to provide customers with real-time access to the global markets and make a quick response to their requirements.

Our goal at Fixchips Technology is to provide our customers with the components they need at competitive prices in a timely manner, backed by excellent quality control.

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