Fixchips Technology provides effective inventory solutions and supply chain management services to businesses around the world.

Thanks to our Global Sourcing, we can quickly locate and purchase rare components to meet your needs.

Global Sourcing

Working in close cooperation with OEMs and agents located around the world, we can provide our customers with accurate sourcing information and fast freight services in a timely manner.

With a 13-year track record of successful distribution, we at Fixchips Technology understand your production goals and believe in long-term relationships. As an independent distributor, we have access to a wide range of supply sources including:

  • Fixchips Technology on-hand inventory
  • Excess inventory
  • Franchise distributors
  • Qualified open market
  • OEM direct

EOL and Obsolete Sourcing

We are highly experienced in every step of supplying obsolete and end-of-life components, from sourcing to quality inspection of such parts. Due to component manufacturers’ continuous efforts to redesign new semiconductors with faster and more advanced specifications, EOL and obsolete parts are now highly requested by OEM customers.

For many of these OEMs, sourcing obsolete components can create new challenges due to the need to support legacy products.

To address this need, Fixchips Technology provides various Component Lifecycle Management services to worldwide customers.

Our industry experience, relationships and robust sourcing will ensure you will not be subject to a line-down situation.

Inventory Asset Management

Fixchips Technology has been proactively providing exceptional solutions in maximizing the asset value of at-risk component inventory through robust programs and solutions.

Increased Inventory Turn over:

Outright Purchase

Fixchips Technology provides outright cash offers for your excess inventory on an individual basis or as a package. The customer will provide Fixchips Technology with a list of parts to bid on with the following information:

  • Manufacturer part number
  • Quantity
  • Date code
  • Internal part number

Fixchips Technology will purchase the parts to reduce the pressure on inventories.

Reuse, Remarket


We will assess excess inventory for potential use for open or upcoming demands by global manufacturing facilities on behalf of the customer. This will prevent manufacturing sites from overbuying to meet SPQ and eliminate unnecessary excess inventories.


For components that are no longer being used by the customer, we achieve the highest return on investment by re-marketing said components in the open market. To enhance coverage, we also have dedicated sales channels to market parts to the distribution market.